Divorce Concierge

Divorce is inevitably a time of transformation, but it doesn’t need to be a time of turmoil. Juliana Porotsky founded Clean Slate NYC to help people in the process of divorce navigate the extraordinary range of practical and logistical challenges this life-changing experience can present, turning anxiety to ease. Whether you are considering a divorce, in the midst of the divorce process, or setting up your new post-divorce life, our turnkey services will take the trauma out of transition.

“When my wife and I separated after a 24-year marriage, I was at a complete loss as to how to even begin setting up a new household in a new apartment. Juliana asked all the right questions and really listened to my answers and understood my needs, and guided me beautifully through the process of creating a new home that perfectly expresses my new life.” —Mark J.

Our Divorce Concierge Services Include:

Apartment search
Moving logistics
Interior design
Closet organization
Home management
Referral services (housekeeping, childcare, doctors, dentists, and other professionals)
Vacation planning
Entertainment options for custody weekends

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